We benefit the hospitals by:

  • billing for products after they have been utilized on the patients
  • decreasing overhead
  • taking products off of the books that are not reimbursable but are necessary to have available
  • increasing par levels as needed
  • buying back current inventory
  • making the ordering process quick and easy
  • increasing customer service for products on consignment
  • providing competitive pricing through alternative GPOs
  • absorbing the cost of expired items on consignment
  • putting the equipment on consignment that has been requested by your medical staff, not just the least expensive models that may currently be on hospital contract. JBK does not recommend any one manufacturer. We take your current inventory and convert it to consignment.
  • providing tax benefits for working with a minority/female owned business

Please note that JBK puts only one-time use disposable products on consignment. We do not provide consignment terms for any products that stay with the patients (i.e.: grafts, tissue, valves, pacemakers…).

Items ship directly from the manufacturer to the hospital.

We currently buy product from Sorin, Terumo, Maquet, Haemonetics, Medtronic, Medtronic/Covidien, Edwards Lifesciences, Quest, Fisher Scientific/Abbott, and Progressive Medical. JBK adds more products and vendors to our list regularly.

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